Video Testimonials:

McKenna - Ibogaine

McKenna's story reinforces the importance of continuing care after an ibogaine detox.  Ibogaine may be the easiest way to get clean but relaps is often a part of recovery.  Staying clean usually takes vigilant work once returning home and follow up sessions are crucial. 

Rachel - Mother

Rachel is the perfect example of how a family can be brought together through recovery. Rachel recognized how personal traumas and her childhood relationship with her own mother carried over to McKenna.  Both women were brave enough to tackle their traumas head on with entheogen treatments. 


Ananda Ray - Group Ceremony & Retreat

Ananda Ray has created a modality of dance that is a form of shamanic healing. I had the fortune of guiding her Shamanic Tribal Fusion Dakini dance troupe in group ceremony as part of her performance retreat.  

Healing Trauma - Interview

This is my first interview done in my home town Austin which has a very solid and progressive recovery community. I touch on and tie together many subjects in an attempt to convey an integrative approach to recovery. More podcasts to come!


Written Testimonials:


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