Entheogen journeys include pre and post therapy sessions, psycho-spiritual assessment, and a custom integration treatment plan. 

Medicines treatments offered include: Kambo, rape, bufo alvarius toad, ketamine, MDMA, magic mushrooms, and ibogaine,

The days following your journey are an invitation to explore stillness. Through retracing your experience in follow-up sessions, we piece together the map for your integration plan. Integration includes ritualized practices based on what the journey revealed.



The catalysts for transformation are the blessings of earth's entheogenic medicines.


Your Entheogen treatment may include:

  • Journey prep sessions ~ You begin with a questionnaire and journaling. We have at least one talk session to formulate a psycho-spiritual assessment.

  • Opening ~ We co-create a sacred space, fortifying the alchemical container for you transformation.

  • Embodiment exercises ~ Fluidity in our body is fluidity in our psyche loosening the shadows' grip.

  • Divination ~ Extra sensory perspectives are welcomed on your healing quest.

  • Body/energy work ~ Energy follows our awareness. Activating our field heightens our energetic potentials.

  • Ceremony ~ Entheogen based vigil.

  • Closing ~ We break bread and give thanks calling your psyche back.

  • Post integration sessions ~ In the following days we meet to talk about the details of your journey experience. Together we design your integration treatment plan.


Your dedication of time, the emotional sincerity of your intention, and your financial investment is the energy you contribute to the healing process.  This determines your depth of transformation.

If you are ready to take the next step in your journey, please fill out the form on our contact page and you will be contacted shortly to schedule a free consultation.