Psychotherapy & Shamanic Counseling


Consistency leads to sustainable changes so weekly sessions are recommended for at least 6 weeks.  Commiting to a set amount of time lets your psyche rest in the comfort of knowing there will be a beginning, middle, and end to your transformative process. 

Weekly sessions can focus on:

Emotional support through a life transition such as life threatening disease, death of loved one, romantic loss, or spiritual emergence.

Ibogaine preperation and integration program

Recovery from addictive disorders

Weening and detoxing from pharmaceuticals

Reframing and integrating trauma

Transpersonal psychology looks at:

  • childhood development
  • biological/cultural/institutionalized trauma
  • energetic imprints and intrusions
  • inherited epigenetic trauma
  • perinatal birth matrices
  • planetary birth transits
  • Karma

Shamanic Counseling includes:

  • Ancestral consciousness and multigenerational healing  
  • Archetypal cultural approaches to ceremony, ritual and initiation
  • Traditional wisdom and indigenous sciences
  • Dreamwork as a pathway to the ancestors, the cosmological and the karmic
  • Alchemy and transmutation: The minerals we are made of have spiritual quality and can grow.
  • Morphogenic resonance: The unseen influences on our energetic field


"I can not over empasize the importance of having a trained clinician as a consistent witness through out your growth process. The therapeutic alliance we build together will prevent you from ever feeling like no one sees or understand you. Together we can bringing laughter to the shadows."

Alan Christopher

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
— C.G. Jung